Small Advanced Economies Initiative

7 member economies

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland

Science & innovation

Understanding opportunities and challenges in era of rapid change.


Exchanging ideas, measuring impacts of policy for small advanced nations.

Foreign Affairs & Trade

Sharing insights and best practice in a globalising world.

About the Initiative

The Small Advanced Economies Initiative is a collaboration between Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, and Switzerland. All of the countries are advanced economies by International Monetary Fund standards, and are of similar scale in terms of population with around 5 to 10 million inhabitants.

Current work by the initiative includes research on science and innovation, economics, and international representation in small nations.

Latest Publications

Discussion Paper
Prioritisation of Public Sector Research across the SAEI
Broadening the Scope of Impact
Defining, assessing and measuring the impact of major public research programmes
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The resources on this website are available only to members of the Small Advanced Economies Initiative.

Enquiries can be directed to:

Anna Woods

Policy Officer, Economic Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
New Zealand


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